Shanghai JIZhi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on May 8, 2022 in Shanghai, China. It is to build an open material test platform for material analysis and testing requirements.



  • Provide comprehensive and systematic testing and characterization analysis of materials.
  • Investigate measurement and characterization methods, and develop control indicators of key performance.
  • Establish industry standards for material analysis, measurement and operation specifications.

Structural analysis

The molecular structure, crystal structure and the relationship between structure and properties of the material were studied by material characterization and spectrogram analysis.

Component analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of material composition and impurity content was carried out by analytical means.

Physical property analysis

The physical properties of different materials are analyzed, such as surface roughness, indentation/scratch residual depth, etc.

Failure analysis

By using various technical means such as electricity, physics and chemistry, the process of failure mechanism is analyzed, and the failure or failure reasons in each link are found.